our Vision

Our vision is to be the best fiberglass boat building company in the South Asian region, as judged from the quality of our product & the after sales services we provided which will be determined by all of our stakeholders, such as customers, employees, communities in which we operate.

our mission

NorthWest Marine strive to set high standard In the fiberglass boat building industry in Sri Lanka with a unique mixture of theoretical know how and extensive hands of marine engineering field experience, often resulted very potential cost effective solution.

  • Provide high quality product at a competitive price.
  • Deliver the product on schedule and within the budget.
  • Done things right at the first time.
  • Offer innovative and practical solution to the customers.
  • Utilized it’s extensive field experience & knowledge to expand capabilities and benefits of client’s.

The company first started with just a hand full of well experienced, devoted craftsmen in a side portion of block of land of a government industrial estate in the north western province of the country, Sri Lanka.

After few years “NorthWest Marine” became the leader in Sri Lankan Boat Manufacturing industry, especially for the Longline fishing vessels with the latest long line equipments, hydraulic spools, direction finders, radio buoys, fish finders, sonar, auto pilots, sat information systems, vessel monitoring systems

NorthWest Marine constantly striving to improve its line of product, we manufacture fiberglass boats to fit almost all the boating needs, including fishing, recreations, transportation etc. We strive to improve boats with the utmost quality and care.

We are at NorthWest Marine is not just, boat building firm. We always dedicated to the concept of innovative, high performance boats for the fishing community recreational boating people and those who need a service of a boat. One of the primary concerns of any prospective owner of a boat is quality and comprehensive nature of the design.

we are unique:

  • Our vessels will help the local and regional fishermen to use the modern way of fishing.
  • The 18.5m boat was introduced by the Northwest Marine is meant for economical fishing as well as to save the fish who were getting diminished.
  • The unique hull of the boats are made to resists the rough sea and wind conditions. This was proved as the said boats resisted to bad weather conditions easily from year 2006.
  • NWM boats are 100% Sri Lankan products and we have well followed the techniques to our fishing vessels of Dave Gerr  (Director of the western institute of marine technology in USA) who had written several books of boat making technology.
  • We have a partnership in a project in Comoros to promote fishing industry. By this we hope to enlighten them on boat building and Fish capture technology.
  • We have joint-venture project in boat building at Comoros and we have send our staff and technicians to do the technical part & the consultation.
  • Under that joint-venture we have started to build:
    i) 330 units of 6mtr out-board boats,
    ii) 36 units of 9mtr  out-board boats,
    iii) 10 units of 18mtr Multy day fishing Boats in Palamune (Eastern Province) .
  • And further with a Spanish partner at Sierra Leone, we have send 18m and 15m boats and they work smoothly.
  • We have exported fishing boats to Senegal in Africa and Mauritius
  • Most of our long line and bottom line vessels are used in Sri Lanka.

Our professionalism

We hire well experienced Sri Lankan naval architects and well trained, experienced craftsmen for the entire production process.

Attention to detail

NWM produces highly efficient and competitive boat designs, extremely well thought out to match the highest standards in engineering, leading ultimately to problem free construction.

Investment Opportunities

We are currently looking foreign investors to expand our business globally.