Special features of Longliners we design

The Unique Hull design

hullNorthWest Marine is the first and only company that produces a Sri Lankan designed deep ā€œVā€ fiberglass hull for the fishing boat industry, by producing 56ft long line fishing vessel in 2007. In designing this flagship vessel, remarkable depth of experience in the sea incorporated with the theoretical knowledge, was the key of the success. The hull of the said boats are made to resists the rough sea and wind conditions. This was proved as the said boats resisted to bad weather conditions easily from year 2006.

Bilge System

bilgeThis system will facilitate for the dewatering of Fish Hold, Chill Baths, Bait Hold and also facilitate for deck washing and fire fighting. The system will be out of marine grade SS fittings and hoses, powered by magnetic clutch pump coupled with the main engine. The system will be fully equipped with electric pump bilge alarm system, emergency manual pump & self driven bilge pump.

Ac, Dc Electrical System

generatorMarine grade generator will be fixed to generate adequate power supply for the equipments with DC supply. And flood lights and spiders will be fixed to provide adequate lighting for night time fishing operation.

Navigation System & Communication System

navigationStandard navigation equipments will fixed to par with the international navigation regulation, including SSB Radio, VHF Radio, Navtex Receivers, Emergency Position Radio Bacon, Search & Rescue Radar Transponder, Radar, GPS etc.

Dave Gerr techniques

devvThis is a 100% Sri Lankan product and we have well followed the techniques of Dave Gerr  (Director of the western institute of marine technology in USA) who had written several books of boat making technology.