Completed Projects


Basically we are producing “LONGLINE Fishing Vessels” & we have developed our own ways of techniques and methods to manufacture a LongLine Fishing Vessel to give the maximum supports and easy application of longLine Technique in harvesting the fisheries resources, particularly the tuna harvesting. All these vessels are designed by Sri Lankan Naval Architects with naval consultation and adversary services from European expects, and all the design has been approved by the Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources and Lloyds Register of London for international usage.

  • We use new technology such as bait freezer, chill tanks (RSW) to enhance the fish quality.
  • We update our boat building techniques frequently.

59.9ft Longline Fishing Vessel ( Special Edition )




Basic Capacities of the Vessel

Main Fish Hold Volume 31.00 Cu Mtr
For Number of Slurry Tanks 12.00 CU Mtr
Bait Hold Volume 10.00 Cu Mtr **
Diesel Capacity ( 4 Tanks ) 14,000 Ltr
Fresh Water Capacity ( 2 Tanks ) 3,500 Ltr      
Design Speed with 350 – 500 HP
Engine @ 2,000 RPM, approximately 10-14 Knot      

49Ft Longline Fishing Vessel (Normal)


Fish Hold Volume 20.00 Cu Mtr
Chill Tank / Slurry Tank ( 02 Nos @ 3.00 Cum Mtr ) 6.00 Cu Mtr
Bait Hold Volume 4.00 Cu Mtr
Diesel capacity ( 4 Tanks ) 9,000 Ltr
Fresh Water capacity ( 2 Tanks ) 2,500 Ltr
Design speed with 280 – 350 HP engine @ 2,000 RPM, approximately 8 -12 Knot

10 Meter Boat


9 Meter Boat – Cabin in front


We manufactured this boat for a joint-venture project in Comoros

6 meter boat


We manufactured this boat for a joint-venture project in Comoros

50Ft Passenger Boat

Passenger Boats

We manufactured this boat for a tour company in Sri Lanka for Whale watching